OSPF network types

May 6, 2007 at 11:35 pm | Posted in OSPF | 1 Comment

Point to point:

Hello and LSA are sent to No DR/BDR is required.

Point to multipoint:

This network types must be statically defined. The router treat frame-relay multipoint network like many point-to-point links. No DR/BDR is elected. OSPF packets are multicast.


Hellos are sent to
LSA are sent to Only DR and BDR listen to this address.

Neighbors are statically defined. DR & BDR are elected based on priority (which should be configured manually), and other tie break parameters. DR/BDR should be the hub routers. All OSPF packets are unicast.


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  1. Great.. I have been looking for some good information regarding this. Thank You.

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