NAT configuration for server load-balancing

August 2, 2008 at 3:39 pm | Posted in Blogroll | Leave a comment


ip nat pool SERVERS prefix-length 24 type rotary

ip access-list extended INBOUND_TELNET
permit tcp any host eq 23
ip nat inside destination list INBOUND_TELNET pool SERVERS

R4#show ip nat statistics
Total active translations: 0 (0 static, 0 dynamic; 0 extended)
Outside interfaces:
Serial0/0.1, Serial0/1
Inside interfaces:
Hits: 0 Misses: 0
CEF Translated packets: 0, CEF Punted packets: 0
Expired translations: 0
Dynamic mappings:
— Inside Destination
[Id: 1] access-list INBOUND_TELNET pool SERVERS refcount 0
pool SERVERS: netmask
start end
start end
type rotary, total addresses 2, allocated 0 (0%), misses 0
Queued Packets: 0

Try telneting from R5 to R4 Loopback, we will end up on either R1 or R6

R4#show ip nat translation
Pro Inside global Inside local Outside local Outside global


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