TCL script to check end to end reachibility

August 10, 2008 at 1:15 pm | Posted in Blogroll, IOS services | Leave a comment

TCL is a great tool to check full reachablility. Below is a simple script to check end to end connectivity

foreach i {
}  {ping $i}

However, for a large network with a lot of IP to check, the output of this ping script might be hard to see.  An “improved ” version is below, which only show IP address with successful pings, and those unreachible really stand out.

proc ping-igp {} {
foreach i {
} {
if { [regexp “!!!”  [exec “ping $i timeout 1” ]]} { puts “$i”} else { puts “$i  failed” }

To invoke this script, just type ping-igp under the TCL shell prompt. The output is something like: — failed


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