TCP Customization

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Rack1R3(config)#ip tcp ?
  async-mobility      Configure async-mobility
  chunk-size          TCP chunk size (to change max of characters that 
                      TCP reads from the input queue for Telnet and rlogin)
  ecn                 Enable Explicit Congestion Notification
  intercept           Enable TCP intercepting
  mss                 TCP initial maximum segment size 
  path-mtu-discovery  Enable path-MTU discovery on new TCP connections
  queuemax            Maximum queue of outgoing TCP packets
  selective-ack       Enable TCP selective-ACK
  synwait-time        Set time to wait on new TCP connections
  timestamp           Enable TCP timestamp option
  window-size         TCP window size

Doc CD Navigation

  • Cisco IOS IP Application Services Configuration Guide, Release 12.4
  • Configuring TCP

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